How to request an advertisementEdit

To request an advertisement, simply sign your name below. These advertisement requests will be looked at by the site founder, and carefully selected. Note that unless you include that you would like a picture in your advertisement, you will either recieve a white, black, grey or my own customised picture. An advertisement will stay up for around a month. Please be sure to include the title of the ad, the picture (if wanted), link, and a caption.


Hi, my Wikia username is [INSERTNAMEHERE]. I'd like an ad on I would like to advertise my [wiki/YouTube channel/personal site/businness site/other]. Here is the picture I'd like to have on my ad [INSERTPICTUREHERE], and here's the link I'd like [INSERTLINKHERE]. If you could put a caption in for me, I'd like it to say [INSERTCAPTIONTEXTHERE].

Thank you!


Okay. I've filled in the form. What do I do now?Edit

You can now either post this on your personal Inside and Out PCs wikia blog, or Email it to If you feel more comfortable entering it to the actual wiki than your blog or Emailing it to me, then you can enter it in this page: fn/taketo:Advertisement Forms.