This page is official Inside and Out PCs policyEdit

The following chat policy must be followed by all users, including administrators and moderators. If this policy is to be breached, users in an administrative position must follow the procedure at the bottom of this page.


Verbal harassment is when a person constantly repeats any comments considered racist or sexist. This becomes serious when you have asked the user to 'please stop', ad yet they continue to repeat the offending behavior. Legal harassment is also unacceptable. This is when a user constantly threats another with legal action. If action must be taken, please see the founder. He will determine whether the matter must have legal action taken.

Spamming messagesEdit

A spam message can be many things. It can include unnecessary, repetitive or elongated messages. Whether or not a message is spam is to be decided my a moderator or administrator. The final verdict must be agreed by all administrative users who are in the chat. If there is only one administrative user in the chat, they must seek the agreement of all users in the chat. if this procedure is not followed, you may leave a message on the founder's talk page. You should include a screenshot for confirmation. If a screenshot is not included, the founder may not decide to take action.


Trolling is not permitted on this wiki, and is taken very seriously. This applies to chat, talk pages and wiki pages. Trolling should be reported to a chat moderator, and not an administrator, bureaucrat or the founder. If the moderator chooses to pass this on to an administrator, the administrator may drop the case at their own choice. However, a bureaucrat or the founder may revive the point again and take the action they feel appropriate.

Policy breachingEdit

This is a section for administrative users only. Please revise it for future reference anyway.Edit

This is the procedure for a ban to be given. The user must first get 3 warnings, a kick, and then a short ban. Please keep bans extremely short. The minimum time for a ban is 1 day, and the maximum is 7.